I like the tagline of LadyboyGold, ‘The sexiest Ladyboys in the Entire World.’ It’s easy to remember and straight to the point, much like the site itself. As the name suggests, Ladyboygold is a veritable wealth of very hot, high quality Ladyboy content that is artfully presented. There are some truly beautiful pictures in this site that one feels would be just as at home hanging in an art gallery or adorning the walls of an Asian inspired art collector. You’ll also find a enormous amount of ‘extra’ content that you will find interesting if you’re a Ladyboy lover, especially if you travel to Thailand frequently or at least are going to visit there in the near future.

LadyboyGold is a little different from your average Ladyboy mega-site in that it primarily centers around the escapades of its eight ‘anchor’ Ladyboy models, Amy, Em, Kai, Noon, Paris, Lee, Moo, and Wawa. These eight Ladyboys account for a large portion of the site’s content although there is plenty of ‘bonus’ content available to Members as well featuring many other Ladyboys as well as other Shemale-related content. This difference is a nice change of pace as you really get the feel of ‘following’ the career of your favorite model through the site and it’s interesting to also see some of the girls’ transitions from shy wallflower early on to all-out Ladyboy model, fucking and sucking like a pro in some of the latest content.

The Photo Gallery section of LadyboyGold is, in a word, AMAZING. Although the galleries are smaller in size than your average Shemale mega-site gallery (between 25-50 photos), the photos are absolutely stunning. I do not know who the site uses as a photographer but whoever it is, he absolutely knows his way around a camera! Very often, porn is so focused around the bedroom and that is where most pictures are depicted. LadyboyGold features its models in some awesome settings which take advantage of the lush, exotic backdrop that Thailand has to offer.

Of course, it helps to have incredibly beautiful Ladyboy models to shoot as well. Another thing I really like about Ladyboygold and their photos is that the girls smile. You seldom think about how important this is (especially if you’ve got your hand down your pants while browsing photos) until you are actually comparing galleries between sites as I do on a regular basis for review purposes. I can attest that it is so much more enjoyable to click through photos where the girls appear to be having fun and are smiling, laughing, and seducing you onward instead of just sitting there like stones staring into the camera. The eight primary models of LadyboyGold are true models in every sense of the word, playing to the camera as well as any lingerie model or swimsuit pinup.

The primary model galleries are arranged by model name and clicking on her name in the toolbar brings up thumbnails of all galleries featuring her on the site. I have to admit, I ended up browsing almost all the galleries (the pictures are that good and that interesting), which is a rarity for me. I have no doubt that you’ll end up doing the same, it’s hard to resist 🙂 Anyway, photos are presented in thumbnail format with each thumbnail leading to a larger sized photo. Clicking on the large photo will bring up a full-size very high resolution picture which is awesome for viewing your favorite LadyboyGold model (mine’s Moo). I’ve already said enough about the photos themselves but I’ll say it again anyways… well shot, well lighted, and well presented. Enough said.

With the high quality of the Photo Gallery section fresh in my mind, I was eager to check out the video content as well. I found this to be partially true. First, let me say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the videos in LadyboyGold. It has an outstanding collection of videos and the content is great; but, after having set the bar so high with the photos, it is a tad disappointing to see some of the videos poorly lit, blurry (in places), and the models at times seem distracted and even bored. That being said, I spent most of my time in the photo section and only downloaded about seven or eight different video segments so your experience may differ. LadyboyGold offers a good selection of both Solo scenes as well as hardcore scenes with plenty of action including facials, and swallowing.

I find it interesting that Ladyboygold is current enough to offer its Members the opportunity to download video files in an IPOD compatible format but also supports a somewhat outdated format such as RealPlayer. A third (and more widely used) option is also available, WMV files. Videos are available in whole segments only although you can choose the quality. RealPlayer and WMV files are offered as High Quality, Medium Quality, and Small Quality. In my opinion you shouldn’t even bother with the Small Quality files unless you have a very poor internet connection and even then, I would just skip to the Medium Quality files. If you have a broadband connection, you’ll definitely want to download the High Quality files. Videos downloaded quickly and played without any ‘hiccups.’ You can also choose to Stream all versions of the videos.

As far as Ladyboy sites go, LadyboyGold is among my favorites. It is not flashy, pretentious, or overly colorful… just a simple site that has great content (have I mentioned the photos?) and a beautiful selection of models for its Members to enjoy. You’ll fall in love with (at least one of) the main models on the site… they’re cute, perky, and each has their own distinct personality. LadyboyGold also offers Members a variety of other content such as a large ‘Bonus Tgirls’ section which features a variety of Shemales and Ladyboys presented in the same gallery format. Content varies here and although the pictures are still well shot, they just don’t compare to the galleries of the main models.

There is also an ‘Amateurs’ section of the site featuring Ladyboy models that, while also being beautiful, just don’t have the appeal that the main models have. I liked browsing through the ‘Casuals’ section, which features photos taken of some of the girls out and about in the streets and bars of Thailand.

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